Corso LA LAGUNA DI VENEZIA: passato, presente e futuro – salvaguardia e prospettive

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  1. Angelina Pagano

    Saturday, the 22nd of September, 2012, my husband, two friends and I, visited some truly wonderful islands in our lagoon.
    The day was positively spectacular, the sun was shining and the lagoon was just a sight to behold.
    We were greeted at “Venissa” on the island of Mazzorbo by a very, very kind and well informed young lady, we then proceeded to “Orto di Venezia” on St. Erasmo and we met Pamela, she too was just marvelous, delightful, patient and quite knowledgeable.
    I have lived here since,1995, orginally from Australia, and for the first time in a very long time, we encountered gracious, polite and enthusiast peoiple, all trying to promote our extraordinary lagoon.
    We also visited the Torre di Massimillan on St. Erasmo, an ancient fortification, to see the photo exhibition, the gentleman at the desk was also friendly and gentle and quite happy to chat to us.
    We were all impressed at the hospitality.
    And finally, the terrific folk that ran the free water shuttles, between all the islands,I believe it was “Venice by Boat”… here I truly was speechless, the boys were good-natured, affable and cordial, just delightful. The actv, our public transport service, and tha aligaguna, the airport shuttle group, should speak to this compnay and have them RE-TRAIN all their bad-mannered and abrupt staff.
    Overall, a fabulously, engaging day, we applaud the people who organised this festival, I tip my hat to you all.



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